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Query Builder Even though any Business Application will have many reports, the end user may like to have new reports as per requirement. Creation of report requires knowledge of SQL as well as report formatting which may be difficult for the end user. Query Builder tool enables the user to retrieve information of his choice and generate report in text or spreadsheet format. No knowledge of the database on end users’ part is required to retrieve the information.

Query builder tool enables the end user to build query and retrieve the information. While doing so the end user need only to know the application screens which he is using everyday.

The Query Builder administrator configures the tool for the Business Application where he can replicate the application menu along with the application access rights.The same thing will then be reflected in the Query Builder.The end user will be able to see the same application menu in the query builder from which he can select the screens as per his access right. Corresponding to the screens he has chosen the tables will be selected with default where clause for foreign key relation

He can then select the data columns/ summary information of the data columns of the application

He can also select the filter condition to filter the data of the application

He can select the parameters to change the filter condition or the summary information of the data

It is also possible to select the order in which the data is sorted.

The Query gets developed step by step through selection and generated query can be seen before saving.

The information retrieved using the query could be previewed on the screen in text and spread sheet formats before saving in the corresponding format. While the information is being retrieved the user could see the % of output retrieved at that point of time. The cells in the simulated spread sheet could also be expanded.

The information could subsequently be stored in an external file in text and spread sheet formats. Any changes if required can be made to the output in external file.

The information retrieved could be printed directly from the preview if required by the user.

The Applications that can be developed using this system can have:
Other Features

Friendly user interface provided by the tool guides the end user to easily build the query of his choice. Options provided by the tool could be invoked from the menu, iconic buttons in the toolbar and also by using the function keys.

The query could be saved and the same could be opened to retrieve the information. The query saved could be easily identified by the title given to the query. "Save as" option is provided to build a new query starting from an old query.

Query created could be granted to other users to retrieve the information. The other user can not change the query , but can modify and save it as a new query.

Parameters are provided to the query so that minimum changes could be made to a query for different values once it is built. The user can use these parameters while filtering the data. User could retrieve the information of the same application by changing the values of the parameters.

Data retrieved could be sorted in ascending and descending orders. The sort order could be decided by the user

The user has the option to format the information and titles that are retrieved. Formatting could be done to the data, alignment of the title and alignment of the data with respect to title. The query builder administrator defines a list of formats for each data type and the end user can assign these formats.

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