ADW Dev 6.0
Query Builder
Application Development Wizard
Application Development Wizard is for rapid development of business applications. The tool takes care of major requirements of application development.
In-built complex form structure which may include multiple level of blocks using as many underlying tables as required .This frees the developer from defining complex relationship that may exist between different levels.

Automatic user interface generation. The developer is freed from time consuming activity of creating presentation details. It also helps in maintaining user interface standard across the application development team.

Most of the common business logic is already in-built. Additional logic structure can be built without elaborate coding by using database dependent validation structure. This also makes the application maintenance easier.

Application security is done through access control at Form level, Window level, Operation level and Record level. The administration of access control is also largely automated.

Rich in-built Document control features that allows approval structure encompassing different user groups and user levels.

Run-time customisation of screen appearance by end-users as per individual user choice is provided in-built.
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