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The different functions of this module are



Capital Items

Request for Quotation

Purchase Order
Masters enables entering of standing data relating to Purchase function such as Transporter,Sales Tax,Currency,Exchange Rates,Supplier details, Material grouping,Items,Document series and common data relating to the installation site like Division,Location,Department,Employee details,Country,Address.
Indent enables placing requests on Purchase department to source and procure items. The following types of indents can be raised.
    General Indent -for purchase of goods
    Service Indent -for services
    Job Work Indent -where material is sent out for job work and received back after being     processed by a supplier. This option can be used for receiving the same item back     (e.g.,fabrication of a new item)
Capital Items
Capital Budget Sanctions can be entered for capital Expenditure items. When General Indents are raised against these, the amount of Capital Expenditure sanctioned is Checked against the indent.
Request for Quotation can be generated for the selected suppliers.
Quotation entry enables entry of quotations received on making enquiries.
Quotation Comparison Statement enables the user to determine the choice of supplier based on quotations received. This option provides flexibility of procurement of one item or more items from one or more suppliers.Item-wise details for selected suppliers are available on-line
Purchase Order function enables entering and generation of Purchase Order for domestic as well as imported POs. This mode also enables for approval,amendment and closure of Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders capture relevant data such as delivery schedule, payment schedule, and purchase specifications.
General Purchase Order is used for materiel Procurement. Purchase Order can be     raised based on the Quotation Comparison Statement. Alternatively for emergency situations, Purchase order can be raised directly based on the indent itself.
Service Purchase Order function enables for entering and generation of Purchase Orders  for Services and amendment,closure of such Purchase Orders based on Service Indent     raised.
Job Work Purchase Order function enables entering and generation of Purchase Order for job work based on Job Work indent raised.
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