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The different functions of this module are





Masters enables input of standing data relating to Personnel Information such as Work Experience, Career, Leave Position, Employee Grades, Designations, Leave Types; data relating to Payroll Processing such as Standard Earnings and Deductions, ESI and PF rates, Bonus limits and Percentages, Income Tax slabs and Savings Masters, Journal Voucher Posting Codes for General Ledger entries; and common data relating to the installation site such as Division, Department
Transactions enables entering Leave Applications and utilisation, Loans given to employees, Overtime, Monthly Variable Earnings or Deductions such as Incentives, Arrears and details of savings made by employees for tax savings
Process enables monthly salary processing, Journal Voucher processing and year-end processing for Income Tax deduction calculation
Reports enables generation of reports such as Pay Slip, Pay Register, Bank Statement for Salaries and Statutory reports such as ESI, PF, Income Tax deduction at  Source
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