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The different functions of this module are


Receipt Entries


Physical Verification

Masters enables entering of standing data relating to Stores function such as Transporters, Suppliers, Discrepancy types, Materials and Material Grouping and common data relating to installation site such as Division, Location, Department, Document series, Employee details, Country and Address.  Items can also be optionally classified for Batch class, Returnable containers, Critical Nature items and items eligible for MODVAT/CENVAT relief.
Receipt Entries
Inward Check List enables recording quantities received at Gate Level. This is an     Optional process.
Material Inward Note enables recording of quantities of goods received against the Purchase Order. Also generates the Materials Inward Note and Register together with pending GRNs.
Goods Receipt Note enables recording of quantities accepted after inspection.  These     quantities at the Purchase Order rate are taken to inventory balance. This also serves as the reference document for necessary entries for purchase of goods may be recorded in the Financial Books(General Ledger)
Material Requisition enables requisitioning of goods that are sought to be drawn from Stores.This is an optional process and material can directly be drawn from the stores if so desired.
Material Issue enables recording of goods issued from Stores to capture consumption     data. The system enables generation of Material Issue Note,  Material Issue Register and Material pending against Issue Requisition.
Material Returns enables recording of Materials Returned to Stores after they were     issued.
Returnable Delivery Challan enables issue of goods that are to be received back again     after Job Work, re-work or rectification.  This mode is also used for issue of Goods on loan. Non Returnable Delivery Challan enables issue of goods sent out on a non-returnable basis such as rejections.
Stock Transfer Receipt Request and Stock Transfer Issue Request enables recording request for transfers from one location to another.  These are optional processes and Stock Transfer Issues and Receipts can directly be effected if so desired.
Stock Transfer Issue and Stock Transfer Receipt enable capture of transfer of stock from one location to another location.
Physical Verification enables capture of physical stocks vis-a-vis book stocks and
Stock Adjustment enables adjustment of variances as desired.  The stock balances can be updated only after multiple levels of authorisation as determined by the user.
Scrap Transfer enables capture of Scrap transferred from any location including Stores.
Scrap Disposal enables capture of Scrap Disposal details and generated reports relating to the transaction.
Reports such as Daily Stock, Priced Stock Ledger, Stock Ledger, Inspection Report, ABC Analysis, HML Analysis, XYZ Analysis can be generated from the system.
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