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The different functions of this module are



Masters enables entering of standing data relating to the Finance module such as Financial Institutions, Investment Companies, Loan Types, Statutory Dues Dates and common data relating to installation site like Division, Location, Department, Document series, Employee Details, Country, Address.
Transactions enables entering of
Letters of Credit - issued and extensions - providing for details of PO reference, Seller's bank reference, Margin Money, validity period, etc.; Received and extensions - allows for details of LCs received - Invoice reference, Buyer's reference, Margin Money, Validity period, etc.;
Bank Guarantees - issued/received and extensions for details of Bank Guarantees, Margin Money, Validity Period, Party Banker.
Term Loans taken or given including details of interest and penalty rate, installment schedule, account codes for interest and penalty, automatic updating of installments paid or received and interest paid or received.
Investments made and sold in shares, debt including Inter Corporate Deposits, etc. including details of interest/dividends.
Statutory Dues by due date.
Claims received towards insurance and claims paid by the company.
Bills Discounting for sales bills and Purchase Bills discounted including Margin Money, Bank Charges, Bank Receipt Voucher is generated automatically in Accounts module for bills receivable discounted.
Bill Release for release of Bills Payable. Bank Payment Voucher is generated automatically in Accounts module for Bills Payable.
Reports for each type of transaction also can be generated under the relevant transaction menu option.
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