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Strabus Trade Money

Trade money modules are developed with the aim of handling the transactions
done in the primary market segment as well as secondary market segments.

and the different modules of Trade Money are


Under Writing Bids Entry
The details of the underwriting bids made for the Government Securities and Treasury Bills can be stored in the system with all bid details such as number and amount of bids accepted, the underwriting commitment to the company and the commission due to the comapany. As the method of calculations of the underwriting commission varies as per Government regulations the system provides the flexibility to choose a particular type of calculation method for the instrument type. The product also has the flexibility to add new methods of calculations, as may be defined by the regulatory authority.

Auction Bids Entry
The product has the features of entering auctions bids for various securities like Government Securities, Treasury Bills etc. As the auctions can be price based, yield based or interest based, depending on the security type and the regulations in force ,the system provides for the options to enter auction bids in all the above modes.

Market Data assimilation
The Details regarding the market position in the Underwriting and Auction bidding process and the company success ratio vis a vis the market can also be stored in the system. The details of the market position of funds for any issue of Security like the amount of market bids and allotment, Devolvement on the market and on to RBI, Amounts held back by the RBI, OMO details,etc can be stored in the system.

The product has a unique feature by which the data available on Reuters, Bloomberg, NSE, RBI can be down loaded from the respective screens or the internet and used in the system.

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Trading Module

This module is the main module that helps in making the trading decision for the users of the product. This module supports all the instruments of the market and has the following features:

  • WAR analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Profitability analysis of the deals
  • Different tools for calculation of Duration, Modified duration, VAR etc.
  • Other information like the stock, auction and redemption details of different instruments with the company as well as in the market.
  • Stock analysis based on different methods of stock valuations
  • Graphical as well as numerical representation of the data.
  • Calculations based on the market data downloaded from the Reuters, bloomberg or NSE screen.
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    Dealing Module

    This module supports the function of entering deals, validating limit, checks of the clients, dealers and associates. This module can support all types of the deals prevalent in the market for all the instruments.

    The deals supported are :

    • Fresh Borrowing/Lending, Extension of deals, and reversal of deals for the Call, Notice Term Money and Inter corporate deposit.
    • Purchase and Sale Outright, Buyback (Repo) and Reverse repo deals in all different instruments. Government Securities, Treasury Bill, CP, CB, CD, NCD, Bonds etc., Instruments like call, notice, terms are supported and new instrument's can be easily deployed.
    • System support, Liquidity support and Liquid Adjustment facility provided by RBI.

    The Unique features of this module are :

    • The dealers can specify the mode and the amount of payments to be made or received, the adjustment of payment with other deals of the client and also with his authorized group company.
    • Possibility of deals in the Scrip and Demat mode.
    • Other features like Security Mergers, Scrip to Demat and Vice versa conversions are included in the module.
    • A number of tools are also provided for calculation of Price, Yield, Repo price, Gap analysis, Duration, PvBP, PvAR Weighted Average Rate calculation.
    • Flexibility of valuation of deals and stock in different methods of stock valuation like FIFO, Wt. Average and Matching Concept of stock valuation.
    • Supports constituent deals and maintains constituent's account.
    • Deal wise profitability call be known using FIFO, WAVY and Matching methods.


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    SECONDARY MARKET (Settlement Module)

    This Module provides for the on line confirmation of deals, printing of relevant deals slips, confirmation letters and also printing of cheques and entry of cheques received from the client. As the module is fully integrated with the accounts module the accounting entries of the deals done can be passed at a touch of button.

    The main features of this module are :

    • Online settlement of deals
    • Printing of cheques and deals SGL forms.
    • Online reversal of Repo deals
    • Automatic redemption coupon
    • Marking Procedure for Day end and Year End
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    Accounts Module

    This module supports the function of the trading and administrative accounts. The accounts module provides for a unique feature where user is able to define the accounts code and the entry types for the trading entries. The product supports user defined subledgers and multiple level of account codes. It product also supports automatic accounting entries for the trading module and manual entries for the administrative modules. Data from any extends sub-systems can be easily integrated with accounts.

    The functions supported by the Accounts Module are :

    • Bill entry
    • Bill authorisation
    • Voucher entry
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Trial balance preparation
    • Balance Sheet preparation.
    • Voucher Printing
    • Stock Reports

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