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Imagine that your employees could get the Information they need wherever they need it from, could access whenever they need it, could process and present the way they need it.

Sounds far-fetched ?

One of the common challenges for businesses is developing a mechanism for gaining comprehensive, useful and accessible enterprise-wide information. The bigger the organisation, the more are the varieties of solutions that acquire data but can not share and provide complete information that todayís executive needs. Each application resides in its own island separated by distance, platform or vendor specific considerations. Can they be made to talk to each other?

Even if data is shared, availability of data alone does not guarantee information. Applications store data in terms of transactions, such as, invoices, purchase orders, vouchers etc., but for analysis data needs to be presented differently. The application solution provider also can not fully appreciate the varying needs of individual user to process the same data into different ways. Only the end user can really convert the data into information. Can the individual executive decide how to organise, analyse and present the data so that it becomes effective information, without really knowing where the data is coming from?

Information becomes power when knowledge can be used to make effective decisions. The biggest challenge todayís organisations face is maximising the creation, discovery and dissemination of knowledge throughout the organisation. Businesses can make real gains when data becomes information, and information is translated into knowledge. Knowledge leads to informed actions, and the actions produce business results. But is it possible to share, access and actively use knowledge across the organisation as a way of life?

Yes, it is possible.

The barrier can be broken.

The executive can be empowered.

Knowledge can be harnessed.

At the heart of these solutions is Strabus KnowledgeWorker product family : Datamerge, QueryBuilder and Knowhow.

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