ADW Dev 6.0
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Application Development Wizard

Application Development Wizard is for rapid development of business applications. The tool takes care of major requirements of application development.
The different functions of Application Development Wizard are

Fast Development Environment
Generalised code structure
Application Security
Easy application access administration
Advanced Document control features
Run time customisation
Fast Development Environment

UI generation - The entire user interface related coding is generalised so that writing form     specific code is minimised

Automatic screen painting - Field positioning on screen will be at run time based on field     sequence and predefined alogorithm

Flexible and advanced Field validation Definition Field level validation can defined easily for even     the most complex validations
Generalised code structure

Basic functionalities like add, Modify,Delete or query involving 3 levels namely master,detail and grand detail (with any number of blocks at each level)

Navigation between any number of windows

Iconified buttons and function keys for basic operations and frequent tasks
Application Security

Access control for forms can be at different levels

Form level : User can be restricted from accessing a form

Window level: User can be controlled from accessing a Window

Operation level: User can be restricted from using add,modify,delete or query features

Record level: For controlled documents only document owner can access the document
Easy application access administration

Roles and members facility available for users and forms

Access control data is defaulted for each new user and form as per the usage domain
Advanced document control features

In-built document control feature is available as ption during form development

If option is selected document approval structure will be applicable to the form allowing     Forwarding, Referring, Returning and approving options for the document

A notification option informs every user about document for approval at application start     up

Assignment options allows users to assign document approval responsibility to other     users

A document history option gives record of document approval flow for any selected     document
Run time customisation

The end user can customise screen appearance by selecting



Visibility of non mandatory field

Visibility of buttons

Record color based on business condition
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