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Portfolio Management System      


Portfolio Management System is a comprehensive, on-line transaction processing system that caters to all the transaction processing requirements of the organisations that offer Portfolio Management Services.

The system supports investments in the primary and secondary markets in the Capital Market and also facilitates Settlement and Tracking. The product is also extensible to transacting in new asset classes as they develop with market maturity. The system supports various mechanisms to track the Corporate Action benefits, entitlements and also the management fees charged to clients. NAV can be calculated by the system based on the accounting information derived from the transaction entered in the system.

Multi-Level Hierarchy

The system supports four-tier organisation structure definition. This feature of the system enables the user to flexibly define multiple client groups, individual client accounts and their custom investment plans which will be managed by specific Portfolio Managers. All transactions, Investments and expenses can be tracked to the lowest level of the hierarchy.

NAV can be calculated at the lowest level and can be grouped to get higher level NAV. This enables the Portfolio Managers to view the NAV either at the individual client level or at client group level.

Stand-alone or Interface with Custody System

The system can be deployed in interface with an existing Custody system or as a stand-alone system. If it interfaces with the Custody system, data pertaining to deals, corporate actions, settlement are obtained. Alternatively this data can be entered in the system itself.

Dual architecture:

The system can be deployed in client server two-tier architecture and also in net centric three-tier architecture.

Multi currency:

System supports transaction multiple currencies to meet the requirements of international clients. Accounting is done in the base currency. Reporting is possible in two reporting currencies.


The system also supports investments in various kinds of derivatives, futures, options for hedging the portfolio. System also supports the valuation of the derivatives.

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