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The different functions of Knowledge and Information Sharing System (K.I.S.S) are

Quality Management System

Publishing (Internal)

Discussion Forum

Interactive Chat and site mail

Online Library System

Employee Personal Project Related information

Headline compiling utility

Online Polling and Voting module

The Greetings Module

Customization features

The Intranet Modules:
Quality Management System
Company related information (Internal)
A publishing service which allows members to host their own content
A discussion forum which allows members to interact & exchange information and ideas
An interactive chat and site mail system
On-line Library Information
Employee personal and project/dept. related information
A headline compiling utility which allows the administrator to publish company news OR     other notices as headlines
An polling module which facilitates online elections & voting
A greetings module which enables members to send/receive greetings online

It is also possible to easily configure and setup the Intranet with minimum or no modifications to the modules as most of the options are parameterised and stored in configuration tables.
Quality Management System
This module consists of static pages, which have references to Word documents, which contain the Quality Management System. The Word documents are stored on the Web-Server and will be displayed in the RIGHT frame when an option is selected from the static page.
Publishing (Internal)
This modules allows the HR department to host any company related information like Company New, Company Profile, Personnel Policies, Project Information, Holidays List, Training Schedules, Event Calendar etc., This module actually integrates with the publishing service and allows the HR members to host the content by themselves. And members act as a Bulletin Board, News Group and a Discussion Group. The member is allowed to host his/her own content in any format and can be uploaded to the Intranet and displayed under appropriate headings. The publishing service module will allow multiple (batch) uploads to the Intranet and the user could upload more than one inter-related document for access by other members.
Discussion forum
This service allows members to carry out interactive discussions in different forums. The members can also post their queries onto the Intranet and other members on the site can then involve themselves in the discussion and give their version of the answers to the query.
Interactive chat and site mail
This is a small site mail module will allow member to send/receive mails and also to chat with other online members.
Online Library System
    The search page is a fully functional tracking utility which uses SQL syntax for scanning the media table and then generates a table of all media matching the members criteria.
Media Cart
    Media Search utility which gives full details of the items of interest. Interactively the employees can also reserve books from their desks and then later check it out in their name.
Quick Move
    A quick move facility is also provided to make quick entries about check-in/check-out of media in the library.
NEW Arrivals
    An option is also provided to the librarian to host details about new arrivals in the library.
Employee personal and project related information
The personal detail page is generated from the tables on the Intranet site. The project information is extracted from a third party Project Planning and Monitoring application, which runs on another NT Server.
Headline compiling utility
This utility allows the HR member to publish company news and other small notices on the Intranet displays them most recent first for 15 days from the date of publishing. The number of days that the headlines should be displayed is customizable and can be configured by the member himself.
The Online Polling & voting module This module allows the Administrator or the HR department to conduct online polls. The HR member will define the poll using the Poll definition module. When the member logs in to the site, the home page will display the VOTE icon if there are any active polls on the Intranet site.
The Greetings module
This module too works similar to the mail system. When the member logs into the site, the GREETING icon will be displayed on the home page of the member.
Customization features on the Intranet include

Access Privileges: This module allows the administrator to grant and revoke access     privileges to different modules on the Intranet site.

User Preferences: The user can customize settings like Startup Page, Inform new     messages, number of days to show documents as NEW from the date of publishing,     Number of days to show the headlines on home page from the date of publishing and also     allows the member to change his/her password.

Manage Forums : Allows the Administrator to edit/delete forums

Annual/Birthday Greetings: This module allows the Administrator to automatically send     Birthday greetings to employees based on their birth dates in the personal information     data.

Intranet Site Favourite Pages Listing: This option gives information about the Page     Hits for favorite pages on the Intranet site.

Customizing the Main Menu and Sub-menu: This option gives the interface to define     the main menu and related sub-menu options in the site.

New User Sign-In: New users can register themselves in the site to make use of the     features available at the site.
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