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Strabus Fundtrack

Is a totally automated on-line system that provides all the features required to capture, either Stock Exchange transactions or Money Market transactions and account for them. The system supports various mechanisms to track the Corporate action benefits and other expenses.

NAV can be calculated by the system based on the various transactions. The system can be used by Fund Managers and by Portfolio Managers to track the NAVs of individuals and for Funds.

Multi-Level Hierarchy

This feature of the system enables the user to cater to multiple Clients, Funds, Schemes and Plans. Alternatively, this structure can also be used in a Portfolio Management scenario where the Client, Type of Funds, Group of Individuals and Individual Investments and expenses can be tracked to the lowest level of the hierarchy.

NAV can be calculated at either at the lowest level or at the third level. This enables the users to report NAV to their clients either at the Scheme/Plan level or at the Group of Individuals/ Individual level.

Stand alone or Interface with Custody System

The system can be deployed in interface with an existing Custody system or as a stand alone system. If it interfaces with the Custody system, data pertaining to deals, corporate actions, settlement are obtained. Alternatively this data can be entered in the system itself.

Complete Accounting Solution for Fund Managers and Portfolio Managers
Web or Client Server Deployment available
Flexibility to implement as a stand alone system or Integrated with a Custody System
Online system for all operations
Investments and NAVs can be tracked to a Four Level hierarchy structure which can be customised to suit individual client requirements.
Flexible Accounting Rule definition to cater to different client requirements
Highly customised data uploading formats
Supports Money Market Deals, Stock Exchange Deals for various types of Instruments
Flexibility to deploy new Money Market or Stock Market products
Multiple and varied reports for MIS and Statutory Requirements
Supports all SEBI guidelines pertaining to Mutual Fund Accounting
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